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HVLS fans are the most energy-efficient industrial ventilation solution

Energy-saving high-volume low-speed fans are large ceiling fans ranging from 3 (10ft) to 7.3 meters (24ft) in diameter. They are the solution of choice in green buildings due to their dual cooling and heating capabilities, which offer superior ROI surprisingly fast.

  • HVLS fans are used for heat recovery in Winter, cutting heating costs by up to 45%
  • HVLS fans are used to cool people and animals in the Summer, reducing the perceived temperature by up to 7°C (12°F), which can reduce air conditioning consumption by up to 30% and in some cases, completely eliminates the need for AC.

Heating cost savings

up to 45%

A/C consumption reduction

up to 30%

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From product design to production, inspection and shipment, every detail is brought together with Scandinavian design principles in mind. Our engineering team collaborates with experts in fields such as fluid dynamics and electronics to guarantee exceptional airflow, efficiency and value.


By applying the latest proven technologies like Direct Drive powertrain, that eliminate gears and reduce losses, driven by carefully tuned algorithms, we obtain sublime efficiency in lighter and more reliable HVLS fans.


Vindus Fans follow the guidelines of the only two established standards that regulate the HVLS fans industry to determine their performances: ANSI/ASHRAE standard 216P and AMCA 230-15.


Vindus Fans comply with stringent European and International safety standards: EN, CE, CB and IEC.


Vindus Fans convenient controllers offer unparalleled functionality, intuitive user interface and integration with your building automation systems. From automated controls to schedule operation, runtime and direction; to easy commands for forward functions with 7 speed levels controlling up to 20 fans.


Vindus Fans incorporate state-of-the-art components that optimize the acoustic signature achieving an incredibly quiet operation.

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